Extra Special is a furniture studio that introduces bold, confident design into a market flooded with minimalism. The objects we create are simultaneously familiar and unusual, with an emphasis on details and quality.


Extra Special was founded by Nisha Rasik and Sam Senn, two women who are devoted to discovering and creating strange beauty in the world. We build everything with our own hands, refining an idea until we have a beautiful and functional object. We then collaborate with local manufacturers to build efficiency into the design. These partnerships allow us to produce our objects in multiples. The end result is a thoughtful, refined object that exudes quality and invites curiosity.


We believe in the power of humor, and that design should be accessible.

We believe in the value of a thoughtful, curated environment.

We believe that objects have meaning, and that your space can inspire joy.

We believe in craft, making things locally, and in having a genuine connection with our production partners.

We believe in transparency, because we know our customers care about our collective impact on the world.


Extra Special also offers consulting services in Design, Strategy, Fabrication, Management. Our clients include technology companies, interior design firms, architecture firms, and private residential clients. For example, we have:

  • Conducted feasibility studies for physical products

  • Planned and produced environments for corporate events

  • Completed concept and design development for architecture projects

  • Designed and fabricated custom products

Send us a note if you’d like to discuss a project.